The world's best entry deterrent
for interior doors


Who is going in your room?

You probably have a room in your house that you don't want others to enter. For most, it's your master bedroom where you keep jewelry, cash, prescription medicines, firearms, and other private items. Whether you're entertaining guests, leaving your kids home alone, living with a roommate, or participating in vacation home sharing, you need a way to secure these rooms.

Most solve this problem by putting a lock on the door. Unfortunately, interior door locks can easily be bypassed with a paperclip or credit card. There are currently no viable solutions for securing interior doors without costly renovations. Until Now...

Keep'em Honest

A Revolutionary Entry Deterrent System

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RoomDefender by SOOMR
Introducing, the first Entry Deterrent System for your interior doors that will actually work. Invented out of necessity by a parent who cared, the RoomDefender™ gives you peace of mind from knowing that your bedroom or closet is secure.

Once the RoomDefender™ is placed on your door handle and padlocked, the only way to enter your room will be by invasive or destructive means. This will be all the deterrent a child, house guest, or roommate needs. Shop Now!