4 Easy Steps - Protect your belongings with the revolutionary RoomDefender™!

Easily protect the things in your room from roommates, contractors, the pest control guy, housekeepers, house sitters, and other people welcomed in your home but not in your room. You can also protect rooms in a rented vacation home and your Bed and Breakfast private rooms. Click here to buy one now...

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Control your pests and control your pest controllers with RoomDefender®

Sometimes we need to bring strangers into our homes. That doesn't mean we can't protect the things in our rooms. Feel confident that your items can and will be protected when you allow a someone you don't know well into your house and you need to leave by locking your bedroom door with a RoomDefender!

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Protect your things from your roommate and THEIR guests with RoomDefender.

Do you have roommates? Can you trust them? What about the people they bring over? If there are people at your place while you're out you should get a RoomDefender and protect your belongings and then you keep your roommate from being liable for actions of their friends.

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Secure your bedroom with RoomDefender™ Entry Deterrent System

Secure your bedroom door with a RoomDefender™.  Contractors, children, and guests should stay out of your room! The RoomDefender™ gives you peace of mind from knowing that your bedroom is secure. RoomDefender by SOOMR, LLC is the answer. 

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RoomDefender now available at McBride's Guns!

Thank you to Joe McBride and Ray Stewart for carrying RoomDefender™ Entry Deterrent System at McBride's Guns.  We are very proud to be on the shelf at one of the most prestigious gun stores in Texas.  Now our product is available for their customers to use to protect weapons from unwanted access.  Get your RoomDefender today at McBride's Guns located at 2915 San Gabriel St, Austin, TX 78705.

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Keep kids out of your room with the RoomDefender™ Entry Deterrent System

Mr. Carlos Cantu 

I want to thank Carlos Cantu, Retired educator, and Veteran for taking the time to evaluate RoomDefender. Mr. Cantu, as Director of Attendeance for Georgetown I.S.D.,for many years has seen what happens to our youth when they have access to family madicine cabinets. He agreed that RoomDefender could help working parents feel better about the safety of their possesions and children in the home while they are away. Thanks for your endorsement, and thanks for your many years of helping young people, and of course for your service to our nation Mr. Cantu!


Steve Rogge
President, SOOMR, LLC

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How do you keep guests out of my room? With RoomDefender.

A recent customer got a RoomDefender because he shares an apartment, and there are a lot of people coming in and out when he is not home.  Nick said he feels like his personal property in his bedroom is safe while he is at work now.  Thank you Nick Crawford for your patronage!

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Wants to keep the babysitters out of their room!

keeping babysitters and others out of his bedroom while away from home.  Interestingly, Jeff told me about a golf product he had developed and was currently selling online. It was cool meeting another inventor.  Please if you are a golfer or want to buy an inexpensive gift for a friend that plays golf, visit Jeffs website and buy one today! 
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Avoiding theft in the barracks on military bases

Today I spoke to a customer named Matt. Matt is a retired Marine and a current ROTC instructor at a High School in Pflugerville, Texas. We talked about the privacy issues with single parents and their children occupying the home with no supervision. He also told me about the present day living conditions for personnel on military bases. The old barracks are more similar to apartment sharing now, and that privacy concerns of our military members could be helped considerably by RoomDefender.

Thanks Matt, for you input and ideas regarding new markets for our product, and for your service to our country, and the continuing support and guidance you provide for our youth.

Matthew Curtis - Marine

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How to Secure Your Home from Theft during a Remodel

They had some contractors coming for a few days to do some remodeling of their home. As in most cases, they vacated their house to let the contractors do their work. Of course, this exposes every item in the home to theft or damage.

So, they simply gathered their valuables into their bedroom and put RoomDefender on their door. When they returned at the end of the contracted work, their bedroom was untouched, valuables safe, and the RoomDefender prominently securing their home.

The customers said that they had great peace of mind knowing that the temptation for theft from the strangers in their house was eliminated.

This is a yet another great use for RoomDefender.

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