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SOOMR, LLC is pleased and proud to introduce the RoomDefender™ product to consumers. I invented this product initially to solve the heartbreaking problem of in-home theft due to personal experience. I was personally so relieved, when I could actually leave my own house knowing my personal space would not be violated. An overwhelming feeling of satisfaction is derived when helping others experiencing the same problems I did.

Not everybody has the same need for the product. Parents of college kids can feel better about all the money they spent that is sitting in their kids apartment bedroom. The college kids can leave their apartments, and not worry about friends their roommates bring in.

Anybody that keeps prescription medications in their bedrooms, can experience the comfort of knowing, they are not easily accessible to family members, juveniles, and visitors.
The bottom line is nobody wants other people in their private space or bedrooms, when they are not at home.

We proudly present RoomDefender™, and sleep well at night knowing that our customers are sleeping better at night, as well!

We welcome, and look forward to hearing your thoughts, and ideas for improving our product. Share your stories. we care, and want to help.


Steve Rogge
Inventor / President SOOMR, LLC

Steve Rogge
Steve Rogge


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