How to Secure Your Home from Theft during a Remodel

I continue to hear new ways that customers are using RoomDefender to protect rooms in their house.  I few days ago, I had a customer send me this a photo of RoomDefender on their bedroom door.

They had some contractors coming for a few days to do some remodeling of their home. As in most cases, they vacated their house to let the contractors do their work. Of course, this exposes every item in the home to theft or damage.

So, they simply gathered their valuables into their bedroom and put RoomDefender on their door. When they returned at the end of the contracted work, their bedroom was untouched, valuables safe, and the RoomDefender prominently securing their home.

The customers said that they had great peace of mind knowing that the temptation for theft from the strangers in their house was eliminated.

This is a yet another great use for RoomDefender.

Steve Rogge
Steve Rogge


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