About Us

As it seems to be..the best inventions are born from necessity!

I had a serious problem in my house. Theft was occurring on a semi-regular basis in several rooms in our house. Money, prescription drugs, electronic devices, jewelry, art and other valuables were mysteriously disappearing. Sadly, I discovered that my child was using drugs and stealing from family members to support the habit.

The first thing I did was move all valuables into my bedroom and installed a cylinder key lock door knob on the bedroom door. The previous door knobs with the little hole in the center were useless in keeping teenagers out of the room. Unfortunately, the keyed door knob was not much better. Bypassing it was as simple as sliding a credit card between the door and the jamb and moving the striker back and pushing the door open. Worse, both of these methods of entry were undetectable.

I did not want to install an expensive and permanent deadbolt lock on the bedroom door, so I searched online, in hardware stores, and everywhere I could think for a solution. It didn't exist. I finally developed a crude solution by screwing gate padlock latch into the door and jamb. It worked! With a cheap padlock and a gate lock, the theft stopped! Unfortunately, this damaged the door and entry way and was not a long-term solution.

I knew there had to be a better way of protecting a bedroom from undetected entry than spending hundreds of dollars damaging entry ways, or installing expensive alternatives. "Stay Out Of My Room" was born! Our first product, the RoomDefender™ is the product I needed years ago. It's the product that parents and others need today.