• Due to Covid RoomDefender is closing it's doors. We have reduced the price to $79.95 and will no longer offer returns until the last of our inventory is distributed. The products will no longer have the labels attatched.  Any person or company interested in buying our plastic injection tool along with all intellectual property should contact us at Thank you for your business, we are proud to have served a need!

The RoomDefender™ is the world's only entry deterrent system designed for interior doors. The patent pending design lets you secure any interior door with a round-style doorknob. 

Did you know that 90% of theft is from the bedroom? Or that more children die from parents' prescription drugs than street drugs? Or that the top two items stolen from the dorm rooms of college kids is bicycles and laptops? Protect yourself against theft from the people you know and are in your house. Get your RoomDefender™ today!

The RoomDefender™ installs in 4 easy steps and does not require any tools or modifications to an existing door:

  1. Place on the knob of the door
  2. Rotate cross bar to to padlock receiver
  3. Insert padlock (not included) through hole of receiver and cross bar
  4. Lock the padlock to secure the room on the door knob, rotate the cross-bar to the lock tab and attach a padlock.

Available in white or black.

This product is not intended for human or animal confinement and thus is made of a durable but breakable plastic.

This product is not intended to stop hardcore burglaries.